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3455 Wilkens Ave, Ste 103, Baltimore, MD 21229

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Voshell’s Pharmacy

General Compounding

Baltimore’s First PCAB Accredited Sterile & Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

Being PCAB accredited, means we are held to the highest national standards for
compounding pharmacies in regards to the quality and safety of our products. PCAB
performs on-site visits with industry-expert surveyors who audit specific areas of
performance. PCAB Accreditation also requires annual validation to ensure continued compliance with all applicable standards.

Coming Soon: Expanded Compounding Service

We are currently remodeling and expanding our sterile and non-sterile labs, and due to the
high volume of requests, we will be adding hazardous compounding. We’re also
streamlining communication to allow you to talk directly to our compounding staff.