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Voshell’s Pharmacy

Our Services

$3 Local Delivery

Unable to stop by the pharmacy today? Let us save you time and money. We can deliver your prescriptions or other items to your home or work for just $3 (FREE delivery if enrolled in our Medication Sync program). We also offer delivery of over-the-counter products for $3.

Contact us today at 410-644-8400 to have your prescription scheduled for our delivery service.

Prescription Cost Review

Can you save money on your medications? We can review your current prescriptions and research alternatives and special pricing.

Be sure to stay current on all your medications and make it as convenient as possible. We can refill all your medications on the same day every month.

Mobile App

Request refills anytime day or night, set reminders and access your account all from our free mobile app. Search in your app store for “Rx Local” or click the button below to download.


We Are a PCAB Accredited Compounding Pharmacy providing sterile, non-sterile and soon will be adding hazardous compounding.

Our compounding pharmacists have received advanced training in sterile compounding from Professional Compounding Centers of America. We follow a rigorous cleaning and periodic testing of the cleanroom from an independent laboratory to assure quality standards. Sterility testing
is done as required by the Maryland Board of Pharmacy and USP 797 regulations prior to being dispensed to the patient. Some of the sterile products we compound are:

– Injectables
– Ophthalmics
– Erectile Dysfunction
– Veterinary
– Clinical Trials

We also  can compound for Dermaltology, ENT, Gastroenterology and Pain Management.

Supplies & Equipment

We provide a full range of supplies, equipment and diabetic products including compression stocking and ostomy supplies. We can deliver for $3. We have a large selection of diabetic and ostomy supplies. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding insurance or billing with managing your diabetes, we have you covered.

– We offer a variety of rental home medical equipment including scooters. Call to learn more.


Medication Synchronization

Be sure to stay current on all your medications and make it as convenient as possible. We can refill all your medications on the same day every month.
hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The hormones in our body are a key component to our overall health. We know the importance of having a balanced ratio between estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA. We also recognize the role that our sex hormones play with cortisol and insulin. All of these hormones also interact with our thyroid hormone so balance between all of them is crucial to how we feel. Your hormone levels will change throughout your lifetime and these fluctuations influence how much hormone is being made and how much hormone we need to replace. We are knowledgeable in the arena of Hormone Replacement Therapy and would love to work with you and your doctor to determine the best customized hormone medication for you.

Testosterone Injections

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be life-changing, but it can also be difficult to achieve appropriate hormone levels and keep them consistent. Because of this, IM testosterone administration is often the preferred route of practitioners and patients alike. The ability to individualize dosing and maintain therapeutic levels is essential to ensuring the best outcomes for patients.

hormone replacement therapy

Methylcobalamin Injections

Methylcobalamin is used to treat B12 deficiencies that can contribute to chronic medical conditions including, chronic fatigue syndromes, diabetic neuropathy, anemia. Talk to your prescriber to see if methylcobalamin injections may be a therapeutic option for you.